Monday, February 11, 2013

"Space Elevator" Anthology

Space Elevator - Anthology

3 Highlights: :  a round trip ticket to space, a space elevator, and tumbleweed

Setting Backstory:  Your character is about to take a thrilling ride into outer space on a “space elevator”. You decide how they receive the round trip ticket: they win it, pay for it, or steal it, etc. To protect against space radiation, all passengers (you decide how many are traveling together) must take precaution (you decide how to do this). You decide if your character will go through with the round trip ride into outer space. While out in space, one passenger starts to have or finds a problem (you decide the problem, you decide which passenger, and you decide what happens).

Word Count: for each short story - between 2,000 words and 3,000 words

Genres:  Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Thriller

Setting – you choose

Post your first 500 words in the group at Linked In, Short Stories 2K Anthologies.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Lava Storm In the Neighborhood - Book 2: "Mysterious Ship"

Mysterious Ship (working title)
(Lava Storm In the Neighborhood Book 2 - from the series: 
Giant Tales Dark Days 10-Minute Stories)

3 Highlights: an appointment, a mysterious or magical ship, and a rock or asteroid

Theme:  Ambition

Setting Backstory:   

A while ago, your character was forced to cancel an appointment for some reason. You decide if the bridge went out, if they gave up, or if an evil entity is blocking the way, etc. For some reason (you decide) almost half of the ships on Earth have been destroyed. You decide if your character had something to do with the destruction, nothing to do with the destruction, or if your character can help stop another devastating destruction.

Setting:     you choose either in the sea, or on dry ground

(Suggestion – think about your own appointments you’ve been to or meetings you’ve been in and build on that.)

Submissions:  Send your story in an email attachment and paste it directly into the email as well -

Optional conflict for the brainiacs:

Our yellow sun sits at the center in this diagram. Earth’s orbit stands out in GREEN. The grey orbits are for Mercury, Venus, and Mars. Notice the orbit of a potentially hazardous asteroid (PHA) in ORANGE that crosses into Earth’s orbit.