Tuesday, December 25, 2012

"The Neighborhood" Anthology - chapter one

The Neighborhood - Anthology

“The Neighborhood”

Setting Backstory:  A worldwide earthquake struck the entire Earth. It caused numerous volcanic eruptions and multiple lava storms. Almost half of the Earth’s forests were burned up. Your character’s neighborhood was completely destroyed except for one, two, or three houses (you decide how many).

Setting:    Post Lava Storm

3 Highlights:  first sign of wildlife; lava rocks; a ‘bully’ is on the loose

Theme: My Brother’s Keeper

Post the first 500 words to your "Neighborhood" story in the group at Linked In called,
Short Stories 2K Anthology.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Welcome to the 2K Anthology Group - FAQ

This is the official website where news about the 2K-3K Anthology will be posted.


1. Where do I send the entire 2K story?

After you  post the first 500 words of your 2K story, directly in a thread at Linked In, in a group called, Short Stories 2K Anthology, you will receive a message that will give you the location of where to send the entire 2K story.

2. Will my 2K story be accepted?

If you are a first-class, polished writer, with a good story to tell and you follow the directions, yes. Your story will go through a review and approval process by the Quality Writers group.

3. Do I have to pay anything? No.

4. Do I receive any money? Yes, you can receive a profit, depending on the list price.

5. Do I keep ownership of my story? Yes, you own it 100% at all times.

6. When do I have to turn in my story? as soon as possible

7. Can I send a story from one of the chapters from my book? No, each story must be new and original. Feel free to include characters from your books though.

8. Is this flash fiction? No, these 2K-3K stories qualify as "short stories".